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Announcement of State Visit from the President of the Republic of Turkey

Published 22 July 2011

At the invitation of The Queen, the President of the Republic of Turkey, His Excellency Abdullah Gül, and Mrs Hayrünnisa Gül, will pay a State Visit to the United Kingdom from Tuesday 22nd November to Thursday 24th November 2011.

The President and Mrs Gül will stay at Buckingham Palace.

Previous State Visits to the UK by Presidents of the Republic of Turkey during The Queen’s reign include:

President and Mrs Cevdet Sunay in November 1967

President Kenan Evren in July 1988

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh have made two State Visits to the Republic of Turkey:

18th – 25th October 1971 as guests of President Sunay

13th – 16th May 2008 as guests of President Gül