Some information on this website may be out-of-date following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

The experience

It's not just a job, it's an experience

The Royal Household is a place where jobs that could be routine elsewhere become extraordinary. Exceptional is the norm here. And although every employee will have their own individual experience, a set of unique factors underpins everything that we do.

A place to grow

The Royal Household is a place where you can take your career to the next level. There are exceptional opportunities and exceptional training here. And they're not the only way in which you'll be able to grow. Show ability and drive, and we'll support you to strengthen your existing skills, or develop entirely new ones.

I feel so lucky to have developed a professional career, in such an amazing organisation

A shared, and unique, purpose

Teamwork is vital across the Household, and we work seamlessly together towards one central aim. Individual perspectives are respected and welcomed. We trust each other. The result is community spirit, and collaboration on a grand scale.

A diverse household

Our team is rich in variety, in terms of background, outlook and talents. This variety is reflected in individual roles too. New challenges are a feature of working here, which leads to engrossing and mobile careers.

Liveried Helper

Pride in performance

We’re all proud of the part we play. This means that we push ourselves harder and aim to deliver work of the highest standard, not because we feel we have to, but because we want to.

Pushing things forward

Delivering the highest standards means never standing still. You’ll be empowered and encouraged to stretch yourself and make things better wherever you can. It can be a challenge, but the reward is positive change that everyone can see.

While our culture will always be underpinned by tradition, the Household is really good at finding ways to improve for the future

A sense of guardianship

There is a shared feeling of ownership and guardianship right across our team. Our people care about protecting such a unique institution. Whatever the role, we're part of something bigger. And because of this, our work means more to us.