Some information on this website may be out-of-date following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

The Royal Wedding online

Published 6 May 2011

On 30th April, The Royal YouTube channel was the most-viewed channel on YouTube.

Live stream/ The Royal Channel on You Tube

For the first time, broadcast footage of a royal wedding was live streamed on The Royal Channel on YouTube (, accompanied by a live multi-media blog put together by St James’s Palace.

There were 72 million live streams and 101 million total stream views for the day, including re-broadcasts.

During the 10 seconds around the balcony kiss, The Royal Channel on YouTube experienced an additional 100,000 requests.

On 30th April, The Royal YouTube channel was the most-viewed channel on YouTube.

The Royal Channel on YouTube is powered by Google App Engine.

Official Royal Wedding Website

Since its launch in March, there have been approximately 13.7 million visits to and 37.7 million pages viewed.

On the day of the wedding, there were around 15 million page views alone.

At its peak, the official Royal Wedding website processed over 2,000 requests per second.

21 video highlights were produced in-house by the Royal Household on the wedding day, which have been viewed more than 11.4 million times to date.

The official Royal Wedding website is powered by Google App Engine and was built by Accenture.

Facebook - The British Monarchy

There were 9 million views to the British Monarchy Facebook page on Friday 29th April and 27,220 attendees to the British Monarchy’s Facebook ‘Royal Wedding’ event.

Flickr - The British Monarchy account

On 29th April, the British Monarchy account on Flickr received 11 million views.

The most viewed photo was of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kneeling at the Altar.


The @ClarenceHouse Twitter feed has over 141,000 followers and accumulated over 40,000 followers on the wedding day.

Official “Video wedding book”

There have been over 300 personal messages uploaded on the official video "Wedding Book" on YouTube with more to follow.