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A speech by The Duke of Cambridge at the Welsh Rugby Union #RWC2015 Cap presentation

Published 21 September 2015

I know you will all be fearsomely proud of being a part of this team.

The Duke of Sussex

"First off, thank God the welsh team play rugby better than they sing.

As a big rugby fan and very proud Vice Royal Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, I am hugely excited to be here today to award the team their highly prized World Cup caps.

It is a great achievement for all of you to be here whether as players, management or support staff.  It will have been a long, arduous road for many of you to get the opportunity to represent your country at a World Cup.  I know you will all be fearsomely proud of being a part of this team.

All of your sacrifices, pain and herculean efforts are about to be rewarded with the chance to make history in Cardiff and London over the next six weeks.  Whilst we have been dealt a very tough group stage, I firmly believe that, with a simple, determined, match winning mind-set, this team can progress into the knock out stages and beyond.  I look forward to having plenty to cheer about throughout the tournament!

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge all of the families who are here today who continue to provide so much support to the team.  You will undoubtedly have made many sacrifices of your own whilst standing on the side lines through the highs and lows of international sport and I know the team would never perform at their best without your understanding and devotion.

So, with one successful match down against a resilient Uruguayan side we now need to look to the rest of the group and particularly this Saturday's match… This will be one of the biggest clashes of the tournament and certainly of the group stages.  Unfortunately, I will be watching you with my brother, so I will need a Wales win more than ever!

I wish you all the best of luck and I look forward to supporting you every step of the way."