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A speech by The Duke of Cambridge at the Donald Dewar Leisure Centre, Glasgow

Published 4 April 2013

Glasgow is a city with a great buzz and enormous optimism.

The Prince of Wales

Catherine and I have thoroughly enjoyed spending part of this afternoon with you all at this impressive Donald Dewar Leisure Centre.

Catherine - who, you may have noticed, is limited a little in the sports she can play right now - has had to hold herself back from grabbing a tennis racquet and challenging me to a full game. I am far too much of a gentleman to say who would win (but you all saw for yourselves!).

Catherine, Harry and I are so proud - through our Foundation - to partner with Glasgow Life and the Hunter Foundation on this Coach Core programme. Coach Core is a simple idea which, we hope, will have far-reaching results.

Just a short time here at this Leisure Centre leaves me in no doubt that the role models to whom young people can aspire are not just out there - on the television or in magazines or in professional sport - but right here in Drumchapel, and in countless other neighbourhoods up and down the Country.

The energy and brilliance of young coaches has the ability, like nothing else, to inspire others - to improve self-esteem and competitiveness, to channel natural aggression, to build respect for others and yourself, to improve health, and to teach new and creative ways of thinking. I sincerely hope that some of you here today will be inspired to begin to coach others, and - in so doing - sow the seeds for future generations to follow in your example.

A modern, attractive, well run hub like the Donald Dewar Leisure Centre, under the Glasgow Life umbrella, provides the perfect setting for this Coach Core programme - and perhaps elsewhere across Scotland in the future.

Glasgow is a city with a great buzz and enormous optimism.

The Commonwealth Games here next year will be brought to life by Glasgow's youthful energy, creativity, and its unrivaled cultural heritage. Glasgow would also be tremendous host - if successful, as we hope you are - for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, continuing the legacy from last year. Thank you to Keith and all at Glasgow Life, and to Sir Tom and Lady Hunter for being so generous in your support.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your sports here today.

Thank you.