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A speech by Prince William on the 2018 England World Cup Bid

Published 2 December 2010

Truly a FIFA World Cup for the world.

The Prince of Wales

President Blatter, Vice Presidents, members of the FIFA Executive Committee.

What Eddie represents is a credit to FIFA. Because it’s your game that transformed his life. As exceptional as Eddie is, in 2018, FIFA and England together, have the chance to create opportunities for millions more people like Eddie, the whole world over.

I stand here before you as President of the English Football Association. Football is England’s national game. It is part of the fabric of our Nation.

Today, it is a supremely powerful force for binding the country together. It unites people of all ages, all backgrounds, and all walks of life.

It is our passion. I love football – we English love football.

That’s why it would be such an honour for us to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

But it’s not just about us. I give you an assurance that England is committed to playing its full and proper role in developing football internationally, as a member of your global footballing family.

I know that we can deliver extraordinary public occasions and celebrations. I certainly hope so as I’m planning quite a big one myself next year.

Through the global appeal of English football, we offer you the opportunity to stage a tournament of immense power that will project the good that football can do. Truly a FIFA World Cup for the world.

To tell you how we intend to do this, may I introduce the Prime Minister, David Cameron.