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A speech by Prince Harry at The Queen's Young Leaders Launch

Published 9 July 2014

Like many of you in this room, these inspirational people will show us that everyone can make a difference.

The Duke of Sussex

Thank you very much Sir John.

On behalf of The Queen, William and I are delighted to welcome you to Buckingham Palace today, for the launch of The Queen's Young Leaders Programme.
As you have already heard, this scheme aims to find those young people who, by their actions, are changing the communities in which they live.  Like many of you in this room, these inspirational people will show us that everyone can make a difference.
By supporting them and shining a spot light on their work, this programme will not only help develop them as leaders but significantly, inspire others.
The world is now more connected than ever, thanks to the internet and social media.  It is part of our everyday lives and has fundamentally changed the way we communicate.  As a result, the young leaders of today have the greatest opportunity of any in our history, to reach out across the Commonwealth and affect change on a global scale.
I have been fortunate to meet many amazing and inspirational young people in recent years.  Each is unique in many ways, and yet they all hold the same belief, that they can, and will, improve the lives of those around them.  Where others see challenges, they see opportunity!
Over the past 18 months, I have got to know three amazing young people who embody this determination and dedication.

Travis, Jordan and Chantelle all had difficult childhoods, but then St Anne's in Nottingham is not an easy place to grow up. In spite of the many hurdles they have had to overcome, these three young people have dedicated themselves to improving the opportunities for other children and young people growing up in St. Anne's. In recent visits, I have seen for myself how their work has helped to broaden the horizons of the young people they are working with.
Of course, they have been supported by others, but their dedication and leadership, has been an example to their peers, and an inspiration to the children who look up to them.  I know none of them would say they're special, but these three people have really inspired me by their self-less commitment to changing aspirations amongst young people of St. Anne's.
The Queen's Young Leaders programme will help identify more people like Travis, Jordan and Chantelle. Although they are not taking on the world just yet!  For many people, the community in which they live is their world we must start there in supporting those who will change our community, and our Commonwealth, and our  world.