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A speech by Prince Harry at the WellChild Awards, 2014

Published 22 September 2014

It is fantastic to see so many people getting behind WellChild.

The Duke of Sussex

Thank you all for coming to these WellChild awards tonight and for allowing me back again as your Patron. This event seems to get bigger and better every year for those of you who have been before ; it is fantastic to see so many people getting behind WellChild. The charity continues to go from strength to strength in its mission to support children, young people and families all across the UK. First and most importantly, I would like to congratulate each of the Award Winners - your stories are moving beyond words and remind us all of just how fantastic you all are. You are an example to us all - we can learn a great deal from your strength of character, resolve and humour in facing down challenges every day.

WellChild remains committed to ensuring the very best care is available for all children who need it. Thanks to the fantastic support the charity has received this year:- WellChild has been able to increase the profile and awareness of its work- It has raised more money than ever before- Expanded its network of WellChild Children’s Nurses- And ultimately reached many more families who need so much help.

Looking forward, we are predicting an even better year with further growth in all areas of our work. But, even with all the success we have seen in the past few years, there is still a huge amount of work to do if we are to reach all of the children and young people who need us. You have seen this evening just how incredible these young people are, and how they deal with the daunting and sometimes overwhelming challenges that they face. However, their stories also show how important it is for these children and young people to have dedicated family members and health professionals caring for them.

To all the parents, siblings, carers and of course WellChild nurses here with us tonight - you are instilling tremendous spirit, hope and a great sense of fun into those in your care. Quite simply, you are doing a fantastic job. There are few organisations which share WellChild’s resolve; my support and admiration for this important charity grows stronger with every inspirational young person, parent and carer that I am lucky enough meet. So many of you here this evening should be hugely proud of the part you play for WellChild, but if I may ask one more thing of you which you have already been asked this evening - when you leave here tonight, please continue to spread the word far and wide about this fantastic organisation. All of us together can make a real difference for children and young people, just like those we have seen on stage this evening.

It is such a privilege to be the Patron of this charity; a charity that has achieved so much and yet is working harder than ever to make life better for more and more young people. and Finally, to echo once again the people who have been up here,  congratulations once again to all of our winners. I hope you all enjoy the rest of this very special evening. It has been a very special evening for me.